Science on Tap: “One fish, two fish, trash fish, gar fish”

In a recent Science on Tap, Bryan Frenette, doctoral student in our lab, talked about the biology and conservation of North America’s most misunderstood fishes, the gars. Gars are common throughout much of eastern and central North America and have long been reviled as a “trash” fish. As a consequence of their poor reputation, little is known about the biology of gars, and several species now face conservation issues.

Science on Tap features a brief, informal presentation by a K-State scientist followed by lively conversation. The monthly event is offered as part of Sunset Zoo’s Behind the Science initiative; an effort to build our community’s enthusiasm for science in a fun and unique way. The program is organized in partnership with Tallgrass Tap House, and Kansas State University’s Graduate School and Center for Engagement and Community Development.