Prospective graduate students

We are always looking for self-motivated, creative, and interactive graduate students with broad interests in evolution, ecology, and fish biology. Our research predominantly deals with adaptation and speciation in freshwater organisms, particularly fishes. To address our questions, we try to integrate different approaches, combining work in the field with laboratory experimentation and genomics approaches. We often work with a network of  collaborators having complementary specializations to illuminate a problem from different angles. While it is possible to participate directly in our core research projects, I am also open to students addressing different questions in different organisms.

Graduate students at K-State are  funded by either a research or a teaching assistantship. In addition, there might be additional funding available through grants and various internal sources. I also expect you to and will help you to apply for federal and state training grants and fellowships during your first year in graduate school.

If you are interested in joining the lab and spending the best years of your life stomping around in creeks to study fish, familiarize yourself with some of our research projects and publications, and contact me with a summary of your research experience and interests as well as your career goals. You should also browse through the information about admission to graduate school at K-State.